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Stroke Center

The Stroke Center at our St. Luke's Campus is the only designated Primary Stroke Center in the Mohawk Valley and one of only 115 designated Stroke Centers in New York State.

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To improve the standard of quality and access to care for patients with signs and symptoms of stroke, the New York State Department of Health designates stroke centers statewide.

What does this designation mean for you?

Our whole hospital is involved in your care, from emergency treatment and education through recovery and rehabilitation.

We are ready before you arrive.

  • A primary nurse is assigned to you for one-on-one care
  • An Emergency Department physician is notified of your condition
  • A lab technician is waiting to draw blood
  • CT scanner and EKG technicians are notified and ready for your arrival
  • Pharmacy is ready to consult for t-PA dosage, learn more about this critical tool for stroke treatment.

Our dedicated clinical professionals have received extensive training as part of our Stroke Center designation and all patients' outcomes are monitored to continually improve the care we provide.