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Patient Letters
Faxton Urgent Care Providers
Recognition Date: 
June 2017
Recognized By: 
A Grateful Patient

Excerpts from a patient letter sent to one of our providers at Faxton Urgent Care

When I arrived at Faxton Urgent Care I was expecting an antibiotic and maybe a breathing treatment because I felt like my lungs hurt. Blood work along with a chest x-ray and an EKG were ordered.  You were kind and matter of fact.

I am glad you thought about me, listened to me and cared enough to not just do what I thought I needed. You probably saved many lives as I am a mother and have children. I was sent to the ER and admitted. Cardiac specialists prepared me for heart catheterization. I had 100 percent blockage, I received a stent.

I write because I’m very thankful for your intelligence, kindness and ability to advocate for people who may need to care about themselves more than I did that day. My parents appreciate you. My kids and husband are grateful. I am thankful.

Most of the time, people tend to complain, but I think you deserve to be congratulated on so many levels. Thank you from the bottom of my fixed heart.