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Pediatric Unit

Patient Letters
Pediatric Unit
Recognition Date: 
April 27, 2017
Recognized By: 
Parent of a Pediatric Patient

My son was sent to St Luke's ER where we were promptly taken care of with a team of people who listened to us. He was admitted with pneumonia to the Pediatric Unit. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the staff is. They did their jobs, did them well and took such good care of not only my very sick little boy, but me as well. The staff on Pediatrics went above and beyond for my son and I. Erin is someone I will never forget for her time and the patience she had with him and for making his stay "fun" as it was his spring break and he is just a little boy. Nurse Karrie, Hannah, Maree, Janet... the care attendants Jenny and Amirah. Sue, Ryan and especially the Pediatric unit resident doctors and Pediatricians. I cannot thank them enough and wish that they get the praise that they deserve! THANK YOU 2ND FLOOR PEDS UNIT... WE LOVE YOU!!