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Phelbotomist Shelly DeBernardis at the Whitesboro Medical Office

Patient Letters
Phelbotomist Shelly DeBernardis at the Whitesboro Medical Office
Recognition Date: 
November 2017
Recognized By: 
Family Member of Patient

My family have all been patients at the Whitesboro Medical Office for many years. Our youngest son is autistic and sometimes requires special considerations and accommodations for his healthcare delivery. He has a particularly acute fear of needles. Every year we try to do all of his vaccinations and blood work at the same time, generally this time of year since we’ll be able to include his flu shot. We went to the office yesterday so that he could receive 2 immunizations and have some lab work drawn. Tina and the rest of the staff in the office were ready and waiting for my son. They coordinated his care in such a way that everything could be done in the fastest way possible and with the least amount of trauma to my son. Their easy going and compassionate attitudes, along with their willingness to accommodate his special needs made his visit not only successful but as pain free as possible. It is tremendously meaningful to me as a parent, a patient and a fellow MVHS employee to know that I work with such amazing people. Thank you for all that you do.