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SEMC Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit

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SEMC Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit
Recognition Date: 
February 2018
Recognized By: 
A Grateful Family

An I-CARE Grateful Family Letter Demonstrating Compassion

Late last year my mother passed away peacefully in the Intensive Care Unit. I am writing to make you aware of two very special, outstanding employees.

My mother collapsed with a heart condition. She was rushed to the emergency room/trauma center. We were not able to see her, as they were working very hard to keep her alive.
When we were able to see her, the nurse that was in charge of her was excellent. His name was Tyler C., and he kept us feeling calm and answered our questions. I am sure we asked the same question about 20 different ways, but he was calm and reassuring. When we were told she was going to Intensive Care, we unreasonably assumed that he would be following her.

That is when we met Drew. My sister told him he had big shoes to fill, and he just looked at her, smiled and told her very confidently he would. And did he ever. My mother was only there for just over 24 hours. We were so fortunate to have had Drew both nights.  Her ventilator was removed that night and she died the next morning at eight. That final night with my mother, along with my two sisters, was very emotional and filled with love.

Drew did everything possible to make my mother and us comfortable. He is kind, compassionate, funny and warm. He talked to us and gave us the feeling that my mother was at peace - he was my mother's angel.There are no words that accurately portray the genuineness of this man, and the way we felt having him close to us in my mother's final hours. Not that the other nurses were bad, they were good, but Drew was just exceptional.

Those last hours with my mother will always be cherished. My memory of that night will always include Drew - I will never forget him.

These two amazing nurses should be commended for their dedication, hard work and compassion for patients and their families. Some might say that it is their job, but I feel that they went above and beyond what is expected.

A Grateful Family