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St. Luke's Campus Emergency Department Staff

I-CARE Stories
St. Luke's Campus Emergency Department Staff
Recognition Date: 
September 2018
Recognized By: 
A Grateful Patient

I entered the ER at St. Luke’s with a significant injury of my chest. I hope this message goes to the appropriate people involved. The reason I am writing you today, is that I was very satisfied at the care your ER nurses and doctors provided for me. Your facility staff appeared to think the injury was pretty significant. My nurse (Danielle B.) was one of the most hospitable nurses I have ever encountered and had the pleasure to provide care for me. Danielle provided excellent care with what my needs were, be it answers to treatment, or seeking superiors for medications and relating what was to be happening with my stay in the ER. Danielle even took the time to accompany my on the ambulance ride out to Syracuse.

Overall I am just very blown away at how hospitable and caring your staff were yesterday, specifically Danielle B. I’ve never had the opportunity to interact with nurses that have appeared to be as selfless, or have the “bedside manner” that hospital staff should have, but I DEFINITELY was very satisfied with the care I had received and wanted to thank you for that. I pray you forward this message to the appropriate channels and supervisors to commend your staff on a job well done.